Be sure to wear warm clothes, because part of the Journey's live nativity is set up in the outdoor areas around the United Methodist Church, which is located just one block south of the Courthouse as you drive down Main Street into Jetmore, Kansas.

After you arrive, you'll be able to "meet and greet" the camels on your way to the indoor Waiting Tent, which you enter through the side door to the basement.  You will be seated until your travel guide arrives. The waiting time will vary (during very busy times, waits may exceed 30 minutes). During this time, you'll be able to relax and enjoy some mint tea and a cookie. You will also be greeted by a number of guests, some who will want to tell you about your upcoming trip to Bethlehem, and others who will  ask you about your hometown. Children will be invited to visit a special waiting area where they will be entertained during this time.

When your travel guide arrives, you and your group will leave the Waiting Tent and begin your walk to Bethlehem.  Along the way, you will come in contact with the Wise Men, some desert dwellers (and their friendly llama) and some Roman guards. After you pass through the gates of Bethlehem, you will meet the census taker, the tax collector, inn keepers, merchants and elders. As your journey to meet the Christ Child continues, you will encounter the shepherds watching over their flocks. The Heavenly hosts will make a grand appearance, but you will not gaze too long upon them, because the reason for your visit is to find the star. Your guide will take you to that star and then to the stable, where you will witness the humble manger bed where the Christ child sleeps  while Mary and Joseph keep watch.

After you have enjoyed the sights, sounds and splendor of the very first Christmas, you will be invited to hear a short message about our Savior in the church's Sanctuary.  We hope you will consider making the Journey to Bethlehem a tradition that your family will remember and enjoy!